Impact Report

PTF Submission to Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy_Apr 2020

We Are All Neighbours_Rentsafe Final Report_Oct 2019

Food-Security-Hub-Project-Report_Final Report_Aug 2019






Giiwe_Executive summary_April 2019

Indigenous Homelessness_Definition_Jessie Thistle

Bruce Grey Poverty Task Force_2018 Annual Progress Report

10 Engaging People with Lived/Living Experience: A Guide for Including People in Poverty Reduction

Poverty Task Force Newsletter September 2018

HDR-CW-14-18 Results of Homelessness Enumeration (1) Grey County

2018 Homeless Enumeration – Bruce County

Poverty Task Force Newsletter July 2018

Grey County Housing and Homelessness 10 Year Plan_2014-2024

Bruce County Long Term Housing Strategy 2013-2023

2018 Free Income Tax Preparation Assistance List

Movin’GB Highway 10 Schedule

Labour Reform Infographic 2018

Equity and Inclusion for People Living in Poverty_Owen Sound 2017

Canadian Food Policy PTF Response_30 Aug 2017

Living Wage Rate 2017

Poverty Task Force submission on Basic Income Pilot, January 2017

Poverty Task Force submission to Ministry of Energy, Oct 2016

Grey County Housing Report Sept 2016

Poverty Task Force submission to Intercommunity Bus Consultation, August 2016

Food Security in Bruce Grey, July 2016

Bruce County Housing Progress Report June 2016

Bruce Grey Utility Assistance Report 2015-2016

Food Bank Report 2016

Poverty Task Force submission on PayDay Loan Cost of Borrowing Review, May 2016

Nutritious Food Survey Results, Grey Bruce Health Unit, December 2015

What does it cost to live in Grey Bruce? Sept 2015

Precarious Work Report, Peace & Justice Grey Bruce, January 2015

“15 for ’15” Holiday Wish List, December 2014

Nutritious Food Basket Survey Results, Grey Bruce Health Unit, December 2014

Rural Transportation Forum Report, June 2014

UWBG_Low Income Wage Submission_15 Oct 2013

PTF Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy Review_Submission_2 Oct 2013

Utilities Workshop – What We Heard Utility Workshop FINAL October 3, 2013

Poverty Forum 2013 newsletter report

References for Bruce Grey Poverty Task Force Municipal Election Infographics

“From Band-Aids to Bridges: Moving Forward with Community Food Centres”

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Community Food Centres Canada. (2018). Community food centres: Where food builds health, skills, and belonging. Retrieved from:

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“From Housing to Homes: Safe, Healthy Homes and Communities across Bruce County & Grey County”

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Bruce County Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative 2017

Grey County Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative 2017

“We All Live Here: Toward Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement in Municipal Decision-Making”

City for All Women Initiative (CAWI). (2015, June). Advancing Equity and Inclusion: A Guide for Municipalities. Retrieved from

Deska, R. (2016). Municipal Councillor Profile. Rural Ontario Institute: Guelph, Ontario.

“Access to Oral Health in Grey & Bruce: A State of Decay”

Grey Bruce Health Unit. (2015). Adult Dental Health in Grey Bruce. Owen Sound, Ontario: Grey Bruce Health Unit.

Grey Bruce Health Unit. (2017). Oral Health Status Report: 2013 to 2016. Owen Sound, Ontario: Grey Bruce Health Unit.

Maund, J. (2014, October). Information on Hospital Emergency Room Visits for Dental Problems in Ontario. Retrieved from

Housing Issues? We’re Here to Help_April 2020

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