In Spring 2019, an intrepid band of three adventurers set out on a quest on behalf of the Poverty Task Force Grey Bruce. The journey would be long and revealing in many ways. The goal: To demonstrate how the work of the PTF changes lives and communities.

The PTF is a member of the Tamarack Institute, an organization that contributes to the building of peace and a more equitable society. In March 2019, Tamarack hosted a six month action-learning coaching program to help participant organizations track the impact of their poverty reduction work, gather the data, and communicate it. It was called Getting to Impact.

The PTF has been reporting on activities for the previous seven years and was at an exciting time in its evolution. The time was ripe to move from reporting on activities to reporting on the impact of the collective work on the lives of people and groups in our communities. The shift from activity reporting to outcome/impact reporting better allows the PTF to evaluate if the activities that are being done are having their intended effect and allows course correction if needed. Also, when impacts are tracked overtime, long-term solutions and building on the work that has been accomplished at each stage becomes a more pronounced focus.

The Impact Report is an annual report and uses data from partners and third parties. Data source updates are dependent on the partner’s and third party’s monitoring and evaluation schedule as well as funding. PTF members contribute to a supportive and empowering environment for reducing poverty. It is important to note that the wider environment has the highest influence on impact-level data, so changes are difficult to attribute.

It is the PTF’s pleasure to share the first ever Impact Report. We look forward to following and sharing the changes in our communities as we continue to support one another.

We would like to thank the Community Foundation Grey Bruce for its support in the production of this Impact Report.