The Bruce Grey Poverty Task Force is made up of 6 sector-based Action Groups:  Income SecurityFood SecurityHousingTransportation ,  Bridges (Out of Poverty) Action Group and Moving Forward on Health Equity.  These sub-groups of the Poverty Task Force dig deeper into the  root causes of poverty in our communities and collectively take on joint action.

The Community Voices group of the Poverty Task Force makes up a 7th Advisory/Action Group that examines the causes of poverty from the perspective of people with grounded expertise.  Members of the Community Voices have graduated from the Getting Ahead program and are advocates for change within their own communities.

A Steering Committee provides leadership and governance direction for the larger Bruce Grey Poverty Task Force.

What We Do:

The Bruce Grey Poverty Task Force facilitates community partnerships to advocate for poverty reduction and elimination. Together, we work with with key community stakeholders and networks to:

  • eliminate poverty,
  • enhance our common understanding of poverty issues through solution-based research,
  • knowledge development,
  • share information.

We Value:


  • Building trust and respect across community stakeholders through dialogue and purposeful partnerships.

Understanding poverty issues and each other

  •  Working together to educate each other, share creative solutions and develop a common understanding of issues related to poverty.

Equality and Justice

  •  Working to improve lives within the community, while ensuring the services are accessible, affordable, humanitarian, equitable, and provides choice.


  •  Acting in partnership to leverage our community knowledge and expertise to advocate for change.

Com(passion) for Change

  •  Acting with compassion to make meaningful change for individuals and families when they need it most.

Collective Synergies

  •  Recognizing that our collective energies are greater than that of any individual. Individually we can do little, together we can move mountains.

Who We Are: 

  • Regularly bring together over 52 social agencies, community-based organizations and people with grounded expertise to examine the root causes of poverty, barriers to change and identify priority collective actions.


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