One thought on “Housing and Homelessness Discussion Paper for the Wellington and Guelph CMSM Area

  1. Includes Lessons Learned from the Literature Review and Consultation Methodology. Pg. 15 includes the Rural Context. Transportation is a vital issue. Due to distances, winter weather, and the lack of public transportation, going food shopping or to the laundromat, and accessing social services is extremely challenging.

    There also tends to be less collaboration among service providers, as they are often working alone and have fewer opportunities to congregate then their urban counterparts … Isolation, of clients and service providers, is a very real risk in rural regions.

    This was something that the LHIN funded MOVIN’GB project also found for Grey and Bruce Counties. While existing transportation providers would like to offer more services to areas the ability for people to pay for services is difficult. Without the support of subsidies rides are not affordable.


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