Poverty Stakeholders Meeting

July 31, 2012  3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Lee Manor Auditorium

Session Guidelines



Listen for the nugget of truth

Look for possibility

It’s okay to disagree

One person at a time

Speak from an authentic place

“What would it take for us to create a sustainable network of supports within our community?”

Communication among groups

Educating each other and Awareness:

  • accurate information from the right source
  • at the front line
  • Respect/equality

Shared value – What does it mean to help?  Shared assumptions/philosophy?

Integration vs segregation/separation

Real partnership

Integrated neighbourhoods

Leverage expertise

TRUST – two worlds:  faith & social services

Focus on shared vision

“Keep the main thing the main thing”   . Clients’ best interest

Shared language – common language


Right people at the table (mental health)

Interagency groups

Faith and Social Services need to unite – joint vision, core values for whole community; know one another – reach out

Recognize limitation   where collaboration and awareness ????

Learn from our past successes

Community-based, relationships-based, scaled appropriately

Can we agree on what we agree on?

What is the shared vision?

Draft vision statements from break-out groups:

  1. To engage the community through people enabling people by providing resources and services to ‘alleviate’ poverty.
  2. A network that respectfully supports the community’s right to facilitate self-determination through acceptance and support.
  3. Having a shared interest and united front toward a common goal.
  4. To establish a connected community group/service to include those living in poverty – working to improve lives within the community, while ensuring the services are accessible, affordable, humanitarian, equitable, and provides choice.
  5. People-centred respect which happens through communication, filling the gaps and broadening the service base.

where we interconnect

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