That first meeting

Poverty Stakeholders Meeting

July 31, 2012  3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Lee Manor Auditorium

Session Guidelines



Listen for the nugget of truth

Look for possibility

It’s okay to disagree

One person at a time

Speak from an authentic place

“What would it take for us to create a sustainable network of supports within our community?”

Communication among groups

Educating each other and Awareness:

  • accurate information from the right source
  • at the front line
  • Respect/equality

Shared value – What does it mean to help?  Shared assumptions/philosophy?

Integration vs segregation/separation

Real partnership

Integrated neighbourhoods

Leverage expertise

TRUST – two worlds:  faith & social services

Focus on shared vision

“Keep the main thing the main thing”   . Clients’ best interest

Shared language – common language


Right people at the table (mental health)

Interagency groups

Faith and Social Services need to unite – joint vision, core values for whole community; know one another – reach out

Recognize limitation   where collaboration and awareness ????

Learn from our past successes

Community-based, relationships-based, scaled appropriately

Can we agree on what we agree on?

What is the shared vision?

Draft vision statements from break-out groups:

  1. To engage the community through people enabling people by providing resources and services to ‘alleviate’ poverty.
  2. A network that respectfully supports the community’s right to facilitate self-determination through acceptance and support.
  3. Having a shared interest and united front toward a common goal.
  4. To establish a connected community group/service to include those living in poverty – working to improve lives within the community, while ensuring the services are accessible, affordable, humanitarian, equitable, and provides choice.
  5. People-centred respect which happens through communication, filling the gaps and broadening the service base.

where we interconnect

Preparing for the first meeting

It would very helpful for me to hear from each of you what you are hoping to get out of this meeting, and what challenges to expect.

I would also like to have a framing question for the meeting. Would this do it: “What would it take for us to create a sustainable network of supports within our community?”

Could you each please send responses to the following questions by Monday the 23rd:

In an ideal world:

1.    What is our intent (purpose and desired result) for this meeting and the initiative overall?

2.   How will we measure success?  (How will we know it was a successful meeting?)

3.    What challenges can we anticipate?

4.    What have  you learned in similar situations?

5.    What will make the biggest difference this time?