Dear Colleagues, 

As we begin to open up again, “Public Health trends support COVID-19 becoming more manageable and predictable as we navigate the recovery stage of the pandemic. As we begin to have conversations about transitioning from pandemic to endemic, we’d like to remind everyone that it may take time and will require help from all around the globe.” Grey Bruce Health Unit

  • Grey Bruce Public Health recommends: the best way to move forward and deal with COVID-19 as we begin to talk about this important transition stage is to mask when necessary, get vaccinated, sanitize whenever possible, and practice good public health measures.


  • Vaccine passports are no longer required as of March 1st, 2022. However, we recognize the incredible role that Public Libraries played in ensuring people had them printed out and available.  
    • As of March 2nd, 2022 Bruce County Libraries printed over 26,000 receipts. Southampton, Kincardine, and Port Elgin branches all had weeks where they printed over 1,000 vaccine receipts. 
    • During their busiest week, the Kincardine Branch printed 1,751 receipts which translates to 35 every hour they were open. 
  • Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) /KN95 Masks: The United Way Bruce Grey has distributed 1,000s of tests through community partners starting December 22nd. Additional RAT tests and KN95 masks have been provided by Health Canada/Canadian Red Cross and by Bruce Power for distribution by the United Way Bruce Grey.   
  • The United Way is offering them at:  
    • Owen Sound Transit Terminal March 4th, 10 am – 2 pm. Bus riders can pick up a free kit of 5 QuickVue At-Home OTC COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests and a box of 20 KN95 masks.
    • Bus riders can not social distance while riding and therefore are more vulnerable than people with private transportation. Recipients will need to show a bus pass or a bus ticket to get the items. 
    • Heritage Mall Shopping Centre March 5th, 10 am – 4 pm or until the tests are gone. These kits are boxes of 30 tests, provided by Bruce Power. A limited number of 3 ply medical masks will also be offered with each box. One box per household at this time.
    • There is no cost for any of these items but the United Way invites attendees to make a donation to help cover United Way related costs.



  • License Plate Renewal: The provincial government has waived the renewal fee. A refund will be paid to eligible individual owners of vehicles for any licence plate renewal fees paid since March 2020. 
  • Vehicle owners will receive a cheque in the mail starting at the end of March and throughout the month of April.
  • Vehicle owners will still be required to renew their licence plate every one or two years at no cost to confirm their automobile insurance is valid and pay any outstanding Highway 407 tolls and other municipal fines


  • SOS Mobile Clinic Pilot: supportive outreach has proven to be a more effective way to access support services for more street involved people. Every other week the drop-in clinics create a touch point for intervention and support for critical health needs that may otherwise go unmet.
    • Approximately 36 individuals attended the January 5th clinic in Hanover. 90 individuals attended the January 12 clinic in Owen Sound. The mobile team assists up to 30 people per day.
  • GB Works Needle Syringe Program has 16 locations in Grey-Bruce and announced it is reopening its site at the Grey Bruce Health Unit. 


  • Grey Bruce By Name List: Since the creation of the By Name List in Grey and Bruce 29 individuals on the list have been connected to housing. 
    • 158 Individuals/Families Active on the BNL
    • 95 Individuals/Families Inactive on the BNL (this means there has been at least 90 days with no contact)
  • In January, 22 people referred to the BNL reported that they were either sleeping rough or not sleeping throughout the night due to not having a safe place to sleep. In February 17 individuals referred, reported the same.

Stay well, Jill 

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