Dear Colleagues,

Today, the Province issued a Stay-at-Home Order to reduce people’s movements and ultimately to reduce the rate of COVID19 transmission and infection. This order and other new and existing public health restrictions are aimed at limiting people’s mobility and reducing the number of daily contacts with those outside an immediate household. In addition to limiting outings to essential trips, all businesses must ensure that any employee who can work from home, does work from home.

At this time, we wish to reach out to community partners and let them know that as essential service providers we hope that you will be able to adapt to these lockdown conditions and still continue to provide essential services.  

We at the United Way Bruce Grey and all members of the Poverty Task Force worked hand-in-hand with the Grey Bruce Public Health in March 2020 to quickly respond under previous lockdown measures; develop guidelines/policies and best practices to ensure the safe delivery of services and developed new ways of reaching the most vulnerable in our community. 

We know that 2021 already feels like it is not going to give us an easier time than 2020. But we also know that your organization and community is resilient and together we are strong! 
If you have any concerns, questions or need to walk through any challenges that would prevent you from providing essential services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the United Way Bruce Grey/Bruce Grey Poverty Task Force or Grey Bruce Public Health. 

A small reminder, to please let 211 know if your services are affected by these additional lockdown measures.  

Stay well, Jill 

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